About The GP2X
The Design


Dual ARM9 CPUs
Touch Screen
TV Out.
Support for SD / SDHC upto 32GB
Runs Linux & is Open Source
Mature Library of excellent software.

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Feb/Mar/April 2008:

Many software updates and tweaks: GPSP the GBA emulator is updated (near perfect now).

PicoDrive can now even emulate Virtua Racing and you can play video based Mega-CD games perfectly (no need to buffer them anymore).

MAME has been updated to MAME4ALL a much newer port of the PC version adding hundreds of new games and running much faster. See also the new sell broken iphone app

You may also be interested in our new handheld project - The Pandora.

Fantastic update to Final Burn Alpha the arcade emu, also updates to CPC emu for F200, huge update on Ur-quan Masters (star Control 2) and lots more.

We have a fancy new touch screen and a new style digital 8 way Dpad.

We have some of the best gaming and media software on any handheld - and it's totally open source.

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You should probably read Craig's review of the last two years of GP2X software development too.