About The GP2X
The Design


Dual 240Mhz ARM9 CPUs
Touch Screen
TV Out
Support for SD / SDHC upto 32GB
Runs Linux & is Open source
Mature Library of excellent software.

The design is simple and neat. It's thin, but not so thin that playing games becomes awkward.

It takes 2 AA batteries, but gives you 5 - 10 hours from them. No need to worry about having to recharge when outside. Everywhere has AA batteries.

The screen is large and bright and there are 6 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons and a 16 way digital joypad.

There are 2 volume buttons, an SD slot, a USB port, a headphones port, an EXT port, a TV out port so you can use it on a TV and a 3.3V in port so you can use a power supply.

Supplied software can be used on a PC to copy things over the the GP2x, or you can use a normal card reader/writer. Connecting to your PC could not be more simple.

The GP2X has an easy to use onscreen interface for playing games, watching movies, listening to music and changing settings. It's quick, easy and reliable.

We think you will really like the design. Take a look at the pictures on the left.